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Custom Plastic Extrusion


Plastic profile extrusion produces a part that has a continuous cross-section such as a tube or channel. Using heat up to 600 degrees F and pressure the part is pulled at a specified line speed through a machined set of dies and calibrators that match the part profile and dimensions.


Plastic materials offered

  • PVC available in rigid, semi-rigid and flexible (often referred to as vinyl)                               
  • Acrylic excellent clarity and hardness used in retail display
  • ABS considered an engineering grade exhibits good impact properties
  • Polycarbonate has excellent strength (usually referred to as Lexan)
  • Styrene is an economical choice for clear applications
  • Polyethylene excellent impact strength and lubricity
  • Polypropylene good durability and used in toys and consumer items
  • PETG similar to acrylic and not as prone to fracturing
  • TPE and TPR elastomers that exhibit natural rubber characteristics



Some of our manufacturing capabilities

  • 7 extrusion lines extruders up to 4 1/2″                                                                   
  • 24/6 production closed on Sunday
  • Extrusion wall thickness from .035 to .250 
  • Extrusion width up to 18 inches in most materials
  • Extrusion weight up to 22 ounces per foot
  • Inline cutting 24″ minimum
  • Offline cutting special sizes and close tolerances
  • Co-extrusion combine 2 colors or 2 durometers
  • Extrusion printing inline random one color
  • Fabrication drilling-punching-notching-mitering
  • Dies and tooling in house with EDM and CAD/CAM 



Physical properties of custom extrusion plastics

Materials can be enhanced to:

  • increase impact strength
  • resist ultra violet exposure
  • resist cold for outdoor application
  • resist extreme heat
  • withstand harsh chemicals
  • Meet FR requirements


Material additives:

  • high gloss-semi gloss-matte finishes
  • anti-stat for electronics
  • stock colors
  • custom colors
  • foaming agent to reduce weight
  • fungicide agent for mold control



Some common plastic extrusions that we produce

  • pvc-profiles/tubing/pipe/rod/channels/any custom shape or profile
  • abs-profiles/tubing/pipe/rod/channels/any custom shape or profile
  • polypropylene-profiles typically smaller extrusions
  • styrene-profiles/tubing/pipe/rod/channels/any custom shape or profile
  • polyethylene-profiles/tubes round or square/any custom shape or profile
  • acrylic-lenses and various profiles
  • polycarbonate-lenses and various profiles
  • co-extruded plastic extrusions




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