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Plastic extrusion faq


What is the plastic extrusion process:

Under pressure and extreme heat, plastic is forced through a machined die(s) that matches the part drawing

What is a plastic extrusion machine and how does it work:

A machine that heats and mixes plastic resin by forcing the material through a heated screw and barrel into a set
of machined dies. See plastic extrusion video

How much does plastic extrusion cost:

The primary cost includes die manufacturing, plastic raw material and labor. Depending on the part design the dies
can start at 1000.00 and go up from there, materials can also contribute to die complexity. The raw material is sold by
the pound. Part material is calculated by the weight of the part per foot. Eg; if the material costs 1.50 / lb and the part
weighs 8 oz. per foot, then the raw material cost of the extruded part is .75 / ft. Labor is the cost of the extruder and
operator time to process the material through the extrusion machine. Typically labor is 2-3 times the material cost
Labor depends on part weight, design and tolerances which all dictate line speed which equals time.

What does an extrusion operator do:

The operator is continuously adding raw material to the extruder and monitoring temperature, pressure and line speed.
The operator is also constantly checking dimensions and quality of the extruded part to insure that the drawing is
meticulously followed.

What are plastic extrusion services:

Extrusion services include- guiding customer in part design, suggesting appropriate materials, manufacturing
dies and after forming equipment and finally producing the desired profile extrusion.

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